Secure Web Services maintains faith in evaporative cooling

When Secure Web Services moved to a new headquarters in Telford, the company stayed with the Breezair evaporative-cooling system that had been successfully used in previous premises.
Secure Web Services has addressed the problem of high temperatures affecting its servers by installing a Breezair evaporative air-cooling system in its new headquarters at Telford. The system provides cooling at a fraction of the cost of air conditioning. The central plant is is installed at the rear of the building, with ducting to the server rooms and offices. This installation follows previously successful projects for the company, so managing director Dirk Webster did not hesitate to install another system when the company moved to new premises. One of the useful features of Breezair for this project is its multi-functional, wall-mounted climate-control panel. This was particular useful to Secure Web Services to deliver the correct level of cooling. This evaporative-cooling technology can provide sufficient cool air to overflow and prevent hot air entering a building. ‘The fresh air is fantastic compared to the stuffy recirculated air in normal systems,’ says Dirk Webster. ‘As a smoker, I cause no inconvenience or discomfort to the non-smokers.’
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