Riegens puts Tube Lines control room in a new light

Lighting in the control room of Tube Lines at Westferry Circus has been improved by luminaires supplied by Riegens Lighting.
Luminaires from Riegens Lighting have improved the visual environment in the control room of Tube Lines at Westferry Circus following feedback from employees that the overall visual environment was poor for VDU work and that more control would be beneficial. Riegens was initially invited to produce a sample luminaire to fit into a 750 mm ceiling grid, and its Codos Glide luminaire fitted the bill. 600 mm-square Codos Glide luminaires were supplied in SAS 750 mm-square ceiling tiles, along with two 36 W TCL dimmable lamps and a 5-year guarantee. The control room operates 24 h a day, so access and maintenance are difficult, but close liaison with Riegens and staff co-operation enabled the project to be completed successfully and on time. The ceiling in the control room is high, so the luminaires have been installed on gondolas and can be recessed or lowered in keeping with LG requirements and to simplify maintenance.
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