RCDs check circuit and then reclose themselves

Residual current circuit breakers from Merlin Gerin check the circuit and reset after tripping.
Merlin Gerin has launched a range of reclosable residual-current circuit breakers that brings higher levels of security and more convenience for resetting circuit protection. This range includes three devices to offer secure protection against earth faults and automatically reset in the event of a transient. One model automatically reinstates the supply after checking the insulation of the downstream circuit. Another version also checks the circuit and then checks it again after delay of 15 minutes. If the fault proves to be a transient, the recloser reinstates the supply. The most sophisticated model automatically carries out an electrical and mechanical test of the earth-leakage protection every seven days. The test consists of opening and closing the RCCB (residual current circuit breaker), during which time the continuity of the downstream installation is maintained.
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