Pace of steel price rises accelerates

Collective response to rising steel prices — Paul Roxburgh of the Association of Ductwork Contractors & Allied Services.
Steel prices are expected to reach £1000 a tonne by the end of the year, according to a survey carried out by the Federation of Environmental Trade Associations among a hundred member companies of the Association of Ductwork Contractors & Allied Services — a rise of 50% in just 12 months. The survey also found that while prices had risen by about 20% since December, they were expected to soar by over 30% in the following six months. There is also no sign of when the upward trend will peak. Paul Roxburgh of ADCAS, says, ‘This is a problem that affects the whole industry, and one that requires a collective response. ‘We will be working with our colleagues in the contracting sector to make sure that there’s a realistic approach to increased costs — particularly in the context of long-term fixed-price contracts.’ ADCAS is also to boost its efforts to boost efficiency, such as encouraging the use of only standard sizes for spiral ductwork and components.

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