MHI introduces new VRF wired controller

A new wired controller for MHI’s KX6 compact VRF system has been introduced.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has introduced a new wired controller for its KX6 compact VRF air-conditioning system. The RC-E3 controller is an established component in the KX4 system portfolio and is not available for the KX6 range. This controller requires only 2-wire installation and has a smart auto-install feature. It enables the upper and lower limits of the temperature for a zone to be set remotely to prevent users swinging between extreme temperature settings. The system can be set up to conceal this restriction from the user or to make it visible. A weekly timer is standard, and users can specify up to four times a day to start or stop the air conditioners. Operational data is stored if an error occurs and displayed on the LED. It also records cumulative operating hours since the system was commissioned. The KX6 outdoor units are much smaller than the outgoing KX4 and require only one single-side fan.
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