Ridi Lighting brings total control to lighting

Ridi Lighting
Ridi’s Control3 lighting control system enables different effects to be achieved, such as the ‘warm’ (left) and ‘cool’ shown here.
Ridi Lighting’s Control3 lighting-control package is designed to achieve maximum energy and cost efficiency. It is software based and uses standard TCP/IP and DALI to provide complete access to building systems from a single interface. Users can manage their own environment from a PC pop-up or wireless control. The system can also make use of the existing data network and manual control switches. Features include daylight detection, absence recognition and scheduled switching. Connected to Ridi’s dynamic daylight luminaires, Control3 can reflect external conditions to mimic natural daylight or create the appearance of a bright summer day when the natural light is dull and grey. The introduction of Control3 enables Ridi to offer a complete tailored lighting and control package, with the control software complementing its architectural range of surface-mounted, suspended and recessed luminaires.
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