Controlled natural ventilation reduces energy consumption in mixed-use development

Natural Ventilation
Natural ventilation for offices in this mixed-use development in Galway using the WindowMaster system plays a key role in reducing energy consumption

Natural ventilation based on the automatic operation of windows will significantly reduce the energy use and running costs of a multi-use development in Galway in Ireland.

The Galway Coach Station/Webworks development comprises a car park, coach station with mezzanine restaurant and a mixed-use development of three upper floors with 48 apartments and an Enterprise Ireland IT commercial centre with glazed internal atrium.

The Webworks part of the development incorporates a natural ventilation system designed and installed by WindowMaster.

The NV Advance system installed includes 334 motors controlling 54 different zones using combined CO2 and temperature sensors to control windows and fans for natural comfort and smoke ventilation.

The individual cellular offices incorporate controlled natural ventilation with air coming in through windows in the facade and exhausting through passive acoustic louvres into the central atrium. Air exchange rates are based on room temperature, CO2 levels and external conditions. The central atrium is ventilated via motorised windows in the glazed rooflight.

The building’s carbon dioxide emissions are 40% lower using natural ventilation than if only mechanical ventilation were used.

A weather station monitors external conditions, including wind speed and direction, temperature and rainfall. These data are used by the computer control system, along with readings from internal sensors to precisely control windows to keep air quality in rooms fresh and the temperature constant.

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