Venture Lighting improves lighting in print works

Venture Lighting
Upgrading metal-halide lighting in the main press hall of Broughton Printers with Venture lamps and control gear has reduced the lighting load by 14%.

Metal-halide lamps from Venture Lighting have greatly improved lighting levels at Broughton Printers near Preston. Having read an article on metal-halide lamps by Richard Morris of Venture, Ron Parker, engineering manager with BPL decided to investigate replacing existing 400 W metal-halide lamps with a lower wattage.

The company has eight printing presses and produces 11 million newspapers a week, plus titles for other publishers.

The existing high-bay fittings in the main press hall were due for replacing as many had been burning continuously for 10 years. Ron Parker discovered that by reducing the power consumption by 50 W per lamp, he could save energy and costs while retaining, and in some cases improving, the illumination. Chokes, capacitors and ignitors also need replacing and could be supplied by Venture.

72 existing 400 W metal-halide lamps were replaced with Venture’s 350 W lamps supplied by Trafford Electrical in Manchester. The lighting load has been reduced by 14%, 56 W per fitting.

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