Survival training experts clean up with Rada

Rada Controls
Long life and ease of maintenance were key reasons for the selection of 42 Rada shower panels for the Petans training and survival centre at Norwich.

New shower rooms in the Norwich facility of professional training and survival specialist Petans are equipped with Rada shower panels, fed with blended water through high-volume Rada thermostatic mixing valves. The facility is the world’s only combined survival and fire-fighting training unit for the offshore oil and gas industry.

Its facilities range from a 10 m-deep survival tank with underwater escape trainer to fire houses for fire-fighting training, a fuelling rig and helicopter landing decks.

Upgraded delegate facilities include six customised shower blocks equipped with a total of 42 Rada PA-TF stainless-steel shower panels. These panels are fitted with heavy-duty Rada VR105 fixed shower heads with water controlled by time flow control with a duration of about 25 s.

In each shower room, preblended+ hot water at 41°C is fed by a thermostatic mixing valve with a 28 mm feed. These valves have integral sensors, check valves and strainers and have twin temperature sensors.

A major feature of the site is its reliance on solar energy for heating all water for showering and in the survival pool.

Graham Lock, site maintenance manager with Petans, says, ‘This is a very advanced hot-water delivery system and throughout has been designed with long life and ease of maintenance a pre-requisite. This extends to the Rada shower panels. We are expecting 10 years’ life from them, and in discussion with our installer we were insistent that spare parts much be available for their lifespan.’

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