Contractor takes action to overcome effects of power cuts

Having regularly experienced long power cuts lasting up to 48 h, mechanical, electrical and maintenance contractor Resource Environmental Services has tackled the problem by installing a standby power system from Scorpion Power Systems. The turnkey package includes generator, UPS, full electrical installation, testing and commissioning. Situated at Midgham near Newbury and the M4, Resource operates a sophisticated communications network from its headquarters and needed to ensure that its servers, IT equipment, satellite navigation system and telephones were always operational. Having initially purchased a number of small generators to support the servers and computers, senior electrical engineer Jason Beecher decided this approach was inadequate to ensure that the company could still provide a high level of service during power cuts. Scorpion suggested a 6 kVA UPS system to provide backup for 30 minutes. It is supported by a 165 kVA continuously rated diesel generator fitted with an acoustic canopy that reduces noise to 68 dB(A) at 7 m. This generator is specifically made for the long-term protection of critical and sensitive equipment. The UPS is the first line of response to a power failure. The generator then takes over until mains electricity is restored. The generator’s auto-mains failure panel monitors the supply until it is stable, before shutting down and resetting.

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