Glow-worm moves into MVHR


Glow-worm now offers whole-house mechanical ventilation with heat-recovery units. Clearly Heat Recovery units are available in two sizes (HRD 275 and HRD 350) for small-to-medium and larger properties. These units extract air from wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms and transfer heat to incoming fresh air, while keeping the two air streams separate.

The HRD 275 qualifies as an Energy Savings Trust ‘best-practice’ appliance.

The aluminium heat exchanger is up to 85% efficient, as measured by BRE. Fans distribute air via a system of balanced ductwork and grilles or air valves routed through the property. Fans have DC motors so the speed can be controlled according to requirements.

A fresh-air bypass is an optional extra and enables cooler external air to be supplied direct to living spaces to provide, for example, free cooling in the summer.

G3 filters are fitted as standard, but can be upgraded to F6.

Glow-worm offers training courses for designers and installers of Clearly Heat Recovery system at training centres across the UK.

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