VRF provides heating and cooling for historic hotel

Historic Sopwell House Hotel in St Albans has recently refurbished its 42 bedrooms with a Fujitsu VRF air-conditioning system to provide both heating and cooling. The original specification for this 4-star hotel called for a combination of cooling-only split air-conditioning systems and radiator heating. However, installer IMA Cooling Systems and FM Air Conditioning, which supplied the equipment, saw the value of installing a single system for heating and cooling in offering more efficient control and a more attractive finish to the fine rooms. Ian Nash of IMA explains, ‘With discrete heating and cooling systems, there is a possibility that the two can be running at the same time. With this VRF system, heating and cooling can be switched separately at a level that is comfortable to the guest.’ The ducted units are neatly concealed in walls and ceilings, with only a discreet grille apparent. IMA received the order as a result of its work with the hotel’s refrigeration systems going back some 15 years. The hotel also offers a fine conference centre and leisure facilities.
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