Bitzer cooling system sets the pace in training chamber

Helping to provide environmental conditions to accustom athletes to conditions anywhere in the world is a cooling system from Bitzer.
Accurate temperature control for an environmental chamber to train athletes in the challenging conditions they could face elsewhere in the world is provided by a Bitzer cooling system. The facility at Nottingham Trent University was used by several athletes as part of their preparations for the recent Olympic Games in Athens. It can accommodate several athletes training on various ergonometers, while doctors carry out physiological studies. The chamber provides accurate control of temperature, humidity and simulated altitude. Temperatures can range from -20 to +40°C. Design Environmental designed and supplied this chamber. The challenge was to build a room to accurately maintain a stable environment with variable heat output from running machines and the athletes themselves. They also exhale water vapour and carbon dioxide. It was not possible to seal the chamber because of the need to inject fresh air and nitrogen when simulating altitude. DEL specified a Bitzer air-cooled condensing unit for the walk-in room. This single-phase semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor operates on R404A with a condenser and liquid receiver. It is linked to an air-handling unit (evaporator) within the room. Chamber conditions are programmed and monitored using DEL’s Contour software. Digital indicators of the various parameters are located around the outside of the chamber to enable students to see the set conditions while observing experiments through large viewing windows.
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