Oventrop valves achieve installation-time savings

By combining six functions, including commissioning into one vale, Oventrop’s Cocon 4 can reduce installation time by up to 25%.
Major reductions in installation time have been achieved using Oventrop’s Cocon 4 control valves on 60 fan-coil units providing air conditioning for a distribution and office building on Kitescroft Business Park in Fareham. They were installed by Encon Special Projects. The 12 000 m2 distribution centre is 25 m high and has an adjoining 3-storey 3900 m2 office building. The centre has a warm-air distribution system, and the offices are controlled by the 60 fan-coil units. Oventrop also supplied commissioning sets, balancing and general plant-room valves. The Cocon 4 multifunctional valves were developed specially for fan-coil units and ceiling beams. They were supplied to the manufacturer so that units could be assembled complete with control for heating and chilled water and fully wired outstations for the BMS installation. On site, the units only needed connecting to heating and chilled water, using flexible pipes, and plugging into the BMS circuit. These multi-function valves include a 4-port control valve for proportional control of room temperature, fixed-orifice measuring points, double-regulation feature and drain, isolation and filling functions. By offering six functions in one compact valve, installation times can be reduced by up to 25%. Even more time is saved by prior incorporation into fan-coil units. All servicing and commissioning elements of Cocon 4 valves can be located above the drip tray, and they can be maintained in-line under working conditions.
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