Airedale’s place in the food chain

A relationship stretching back over 20 years between installer Air Conditioning Economics in Derby and Airedale International Air Conditioning has continued with the supply of an Ultima Compact chiller to maintain accurate temperatures in offices and laboratories of International Laboratory Services in Derby. ACE of Derby was responsible for both design and installation, and also carries out planned and reactive maintenance on the ILS site. Operations director Ian Adams says, ‘The nature of the project demanded high-quality equipment for optimum reliability, and we are confident that the Airedale chiller will deliver this.’ ILS carries out batch testing for food manufacturers, including micro-biology, food chemistry and sensory analysis. The UKAS accredited systems ensure that food is microbiologically safe and of consistent quality in terms of nutritional value, moisture content, texture, sensory characteristics and shelf life. The laboratories are supplied with conditioned air via roof-mounted air-handling units and maintained to within ±1 K throughout the year so that comparable testing conditions are maintained to produce accurate, reliable results regardless of ambient temperatures and seasonal variations. The AHUs also provide fresh air to the laboratories. The Airedale chiller also supplies ceiling-mounted cassettes in the offices and administration. The design flow temperature for the chilled water is 5 to 7°C, and the chiller is integrated into the building-management system.
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