Smoke-venting motors meet new standard

Meeting the European standard that becomes mandatory from 1 April, a new range of motors for smoke-venting applications from ABB.
ABB’s latest range of motors for smoke-venting applications have been tested to withstand up to 400°C for two hours. These motors comply with the European standard EN 12101-3, which becomes mandatory in new installations from 1 April 2005. Sizes range from 550 W to 560 kW in frame sizes from 80 to 400. 2-pole motors are available up to frame size 250 and 4-pole to 12-pole up to 400 frame size, single or 2-speed, in aluminium or cast iron. Pad mounting is available from size 280 upwards. Motors in frame sizes from 160 to 400 are suitable for variable-speed drives, with a maximum speed of 1800 rev/min.
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