UV water treatment solves chlorine smell in swimming pool at Alton Towers

Hanovia, UV water treatment
The installation of Hanovia UK water treatment for the indoor pool at Alton Towers Resort has made possible a major reduction in combined chlorines.

Problems associated with chlorine smells in the large indoor swimming cool at Alton Towers Resort have been resolved following the installation of two Hanovia UV disinfection system to replace the ozone water-treatment system. Combined chlorines have been reduced from 0.9 ppm to just 0.3 ppm. Combined chlorines (or chloramines) are responsible for the distinctive chlorine smell associated with indoor chlorinated pools. They cause sore eyes and are a major cause of rust in indoor pool complexes.

Kevin Carr, Waterpark manager, explains, ‘Prior to installing UV, on a typical busy Saturday with over 3000 visitors, we’d see combined chlorine levels of around 0.9 ppm in the main pool. That was a good figure, but since we switched to UK it’s close to 0.3 ppm — this is an incredibly low value. Last summer, some of the lifeguards complained about having sore, red eyes, but that is now a thing of the past.’

Chlorine dosing is still required in UK indoor pools, even if UV or ozone is used as the primary disinfectant. Kevin Carr says, ‘We add 1.0 ppm of free chlorine at pH 7.25, and this is sufficient to ensure a high level of residual protection for our visitors.

The UV systems at Alton Towers Resort are medium-pressure PSP units. The system for the main pool treats up to 1018 m3/h, and the system for the whirlpool treats up to 166 m3/h. Automatic wipers keep the quartz sleeves clean, so the only regular maintenance is changing the lamps every 12 months.

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