Even-Heat branches out into unusual underfloor heating

Tree house
Underfloor heating for some 200 m2 of the Tree House at Alnwick Gardens in Northumberland is provided by an Even-Heat underfloor system.
Heating for one of the major attractions at Alnwick Gardens in Northumberland, the world’s largest tree house, is provided by an Even-Heat underfloor heating system. Consultants Armstrong Rhead Partnership of Gateshead specified the plated underfloor system to serve some 200 m2 of the restaurant areas in the Tree House. Because of the highly innovative nature of the structure, the entire building team faced a number of challenges in adapting techniques and materials to the unique site. The massive pre-formed joists that carry the weight of the Tree House had to be cross-battened to permit the installation of an Even-Heat system comprising 400 mm-wide aluminium heat-diffuser plates with PE-X pipework mounted in a central groove in each plate. Heat from warm water flowing through the pipes is spread across the entire underside of the floor by the aluminium plates. The system is divided into two zones, each served by a Zonepack and manifold located behind the interior timber panels in the Tree House. To help integration with the overall construction schedule, the underfloor heating was installed in two phases by Even-Heat’s own team. This allowed the timber decking over the heated areas to be carried out one stage at a time, rather than clearing the whole area for an extended period.
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