Passivent combines daylight and electric lighting

Passivent, sunscoop, daylighting

Passivent’s Sunscoop Hybrid lighting unit combines tubular rooflight technology with a low-energy luminaire. The daylight admitted by a Sunscoop is said to provide up to ‘eight times the amount of light of a single 60 W electric bulb’. [We make that about 870 lm - Ed.] When the built-in light sensor detects that the natural lighting has fallen below a predetermined level, a 26 W dimmable fluorescent lamp is switched on [around 1600 lm]. A PIR sensor turns the lamp off if the room is unoccupied.

Sunscoop Hybrid is initially available as a 350 mm-diameter unit for installation in new-build and retrofit projects.

An optional Skyview diffuser enhances the spread of light and allows the sky to be seen through the unit.

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