Evaporative cooling boosts chiller efficiency

Geoclima, turbomiser, chiller, adiabatic cooling

Adiabatic cooling has been added to Geoclima’s Turbomiser chillers to reduce energy consumption by a further 20%. By adding evaporative cooling to the face of the condenser coils, the ambient temperature in their vicinity is reduced by up to 8 K, dramatically improving energy performance. This cooling can be set to activate automatically at a predetermined external temperature.

The evaporative process is fed directly by UV-sanitised water, overcoming problems relating to standing or recirculated water and avoiding risks of Legionnaires’ Disease and the build-up of bacteria.

In UK conditions water costing about £600 a year will deliver energy savings that are worth some £8000.

Turbomiser III adiabatic chillers are available in the UK through Klima-Therm and Cool-Therm.

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