Wilo meets the pump requirements of rebuilt hospital in Portsmouth

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Some £250 000-worth of pumps have been supplied by Wilo for the rebuilding of Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth.

Wilo has supplied the pumps for the rebuilding of the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth, a contract worth about £250 000 to the company. The scope of the contract included delivering water to taps and showers, running the heating and air-conditioning systems and providing the necessary water sources for specialist departments, including, for example, cooling water for the radiology centre.

This PFI project was tackled in stages, with parts of the hospital being demolished and rebuilt while the rest of it functioned normally.

The pumps were required for three main buildings — pathology, the energy centre and the main building. The specification included pressurisation units and booster pumps. A 5-pump boost set was selected with a separate inverter in the control panel to ensure water could reach the upper floors and the extremities of the buildings on demand.

Most of the pumps were end-suction models with separate inverters. There were also a few inline pumps and a couple of directly coupled pumps. Pumps are installed in a large number of plant rooms around the hospital and include sump pumps in the main plant room on the ground floor to address potential flooding issues.

Wilo’s pumps can be easily integrated into building and facility systems so they operate only when required and use far less energy when they are operating than traditional pumps. Maintenance costs are also lower.

Sue Claydon, who headed up support activity for Wilo, said, ‘We were delighted to win this project and to have delivered on it. From the moment we were able to sit down with the contractor, I knew we could deliver here — and so it has proved.’

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