Boiler meets heat pump in Glow-worm’s Clearly Hybrid system

Glow-Worm, heat pump, boiler
Renewable and boiler energy sources are combined with control in Glow-worm’s Clearly Hybrid system

Glow-Worm’s Clearly Hybrid system combines an air-source heat pump and high-efficiency boiler with a control system that chooses which heat source is the most cost-effective based on heating requirements, energy tariff and outside temperature. The system can be installed in new and existing post-1970s homes.

The ’brain’ of the system is the Systempro control centre, which decides whether to use the heat pump or boiler to provide heating. It also acts as a central point for the installer to program tariffs, access maintenance menus, fault history and system parameters.

A solar-powered outdoor sensor wirelessly communicates the outdoor to the system.

The system is controlled by the Climapro2 wireless programmable room thermostat.

Clearly Hybrid is described as an innovative and practical renewable solution which builds on the growing, straightforward and reliable Clearly Renewables range from Glow-worm.

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