Natural ventilation is key to energy efficiency for Co-op

Advanced Air, natural ventilation
Specially designed dampers and louvres from Advanced Air provide buoyancy-driven natural ventilation for this Co-operative superstore.

Contributing to the energy efficiency of the Midlands Co-operative superstore at Oakham, Rutland, is the provision of natural ventilation through special dampers and louvres supplied by Advanced Air The system comprises modulating intake dampers at low level with high-level discharge through a large area of outlet dampers and louvres running the length of the building on both sides.

The aerodynamic characteristics of this arrangement were critical since the ventilation requirements are driven by the buoyancy of the air as the internal temperature increases. Any additional benefit from the wind effect was a bonus over and above the design parameters.

To achieve a low resistance to airflow, the dampers have extruded aluminium aerofoil sectioned blades. Low leakage for the dampers was achieved with silicon seals for the blade tips and stainless-steel side/blade edge seals. The dampers comply with Class 4 EN1751 with a leakage of 3.8 l/s/m2 at 500 Pa.

Bolting the blades onto horizontal shafts gave the rigidity needed to enable these dampers to be supplied in single sections of 1800 x 1200 mm.

Derek Walker, associate director of EDP Consulting explains, ‘We needed a damper and louvre system that could be easily installed into the cladding and, more importantly, had low pressure loss and low leakage characteristics.’

Other features of the building include heat recovery, daylighting, free cooling, solar water heating and a rainwater harvesting system.

Mechanical-services contractor was William Bailey Ltd,

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