Sub-metering identifies wasteful energy use

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When energy managers at a leisure provider wanted to identify wasteful use of electricity they called in specialist sub-metering company Sinergy to fit portable data loggers to over 40 distribution transformers. The 4-week survey covered several sites, which included family fun pools, restaurants and accommodation. The company was particularly interested in identifying savings from peak lopping and eliminating overnight wastage.

The survey found a peak demand of more than 500 kW (level A) and heavy night-time consumption (level B). Night-time consumption did not fall as low as might have been expected, but the survey did identify frequent short dips that if extended for a full eight hours overnight could deliver savings of some 7000 kWh a week, equating to more than £3000 over the summer alone.

The peak demand of 500 kW has a significant effect on a site’s monthly maximum-demand charge and annual capacity charge — two elements that can represent up to 25% of an electricity bill. The question was whether peak demands at other distribution transformers coincided to push the 500 kW level two or three items higher.

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