Hoval moves into CHP

Hoval, CHP

Hoval now offers an range of CHP engines alongside its established ranges of boilers for gas, oil and biomass and wide selection of storage vessels — providing a complete district-heating package form a single source.

These gas-fired CHP engines are available in 11 sizes with thermal outputs from 65 to 530 kW and electrical outputs from 43 to 404 kW with a total combined efficiency from 84 to 90% according to configuration. Hot water can be delivered at up to 90°C with a ratio of heat to power of no less than 1.3 to 1.

Managing director Adrian Walker says, ‘This one-stop-shop approach to district heating makes it much easier for developers, local authorities and other specifiers to take advantage of the cost-saving and environmental benefits of co-generation. We would typically see CHP being used to meet domestic-hot-water loads, with the electrical power generated either being used on site or exported to the grid. The Winter heating load may then be met with a biomass boiler and/or gas or oil boiler. The inherent flexibility of the Hoval product portfolio means that all requirements can be met.’

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