Driving down costs with Estimation 2011 software

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Estimation 2011 software for contractors has a host of new features and functionality to help reduce costs and save time on routine tasks in key areas of a user’s business — including winning work, running contracts, managing finances and service and maintenance operations.

The estimating module offers faster take-off and quicker access to key information, so that more tenders can be completed in less time. There is also closer integration with financial modules.

The job-costing and accounts modules have over 50 new features. With the use of Microsoft SQL server databases, users will benefit from improved data integrity and faster access to highly configurable databases.

The Service Manager Plus module has new features to help plan maintenance tasks more easily and efficiently. There is more visibility of all resources, including their status, assigned work and skill sets.

This software is optimised for use with Luckins producing and pricing services and is LuckinsLive.com enabled to access information on over 750 000 electrical, mechanical and plumbing products directly from the software.

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