CIBSE opens up membership to more people

CIBSE has enlarged the scope for membership by being able to accept competent building-services engineers as corporate members without demanding that they meet the narrower requirements of the Engineering Council at the same time. The changes that the Privy Council has approved are in line with developments in other engineering institutions. Candidates for corporate membership will still be required to meet CIBSE’s own competence standards. Graham Manly, CIBSE’s new president, says, ‘CIBSE can now go forward to expand its membership. Competent people working in diverse roles within building-services engineering will be welcome to apply for membership.’ The institution is embarking on a period of significant growth and development. The services CIBSE can offer its members will expand and develop rapidly as a much broader spectrum of construction practitioners is involved. Influence on built-environment policy decisions in general and on sustainability issues in particular will be strengthened.
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