Tesco cooks up cost savings

kitchen fan
80%-plus energy savings in Tesco bakeries and staff restaurants are being made by Intelli-Hood kitchen ventilation hoods with variable-speed fan drives.
Energy savings of over 80% for kitchen ventilation hoods are being achieved in bakeries and staff restaurants of Tesco stores. The installation of Intelli-Hood systems is part of Tesco’s 8-year commitment to reduce energy consumption by 35% by 2006. Over 750 Intelli-Hood system have been installed. Micro-processor control and sensors control the extract system to operate at the minimum level necessary by monitoring conditions in the zone and varying the speed of the extract fan. Intelli-Hood qualifies for Enhanced Capital Allowances. Energy savings are made in two ways. The first is a simple reduction in fan energy. Secondly, savings are made through reduced losses on conditioned air, both heated and cooled. Conditioned-air losses are typically reduced by 40%. Overall, the payback on investment is 18 months.
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