Thermostatic basin mixers offer 50% water savings

Douglas Delabie, thermostatic mixing valve, DHW, domestic hot water

Douglas Delabie has extended its Securitherm range with new thermostatic basin and sink mixers. They have been independently tested and certified by BuildCert to NHS Model Engineering Specification D08/TMV3. The basin mixers are regulated at 5 l/min (at 3 bar) to halve water consumption. Sink mixers deliver 18 l/min for an optimised fill time.

The temperature of the mixed water can be adjusted from 20 to 41°C and is factory set at 38°C. Anti-scald safety is built in, and the flow is interrupted in the event of loss of the cold-water supply.

There are separate controls for flow and temperature, with the progressive temperature adjustment re-opening at the last setting.

Smooth internals reduce the possibility of biofilm developing.

Inlet connections are PEX flexible with filters and non-return valves. These taps are also available with copper tails.

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