BDR Thermea adds to Multifit range of solutions

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Two products from BDR Thermea, formerly Baxi Group, can considerably increase the efficiency of combi boilers by recovering energy from flue gases. These products are listed under SAP Appendix Q and can make a significant contribution for specifiers seeking to achieve the energy-saving targets required to meet levels 3 and 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes.

The MultiFit GasSaver (pictured) is a passive flue-gas recovery system that can reduce boiler energy consumption by up to 37% by preheating cold mains water. It can also reduce water consumption by up to 7%. It is designed for use with Baxi and Potterton SEDBUK (200%) Band A combi boilers and is suitable for new and retrofit projects.

The Multifit HeatSaver package further reduces gas consumption by adding a 50 litre temporal store to the GasSaver system. Heat Save can achieve up to a 7.5% carbon reduction in SAP levels. Preheated water from the flue-gas recovery system passes through the temporal store, where its temperature is raised to 60°C by passing through a heat exchanger heated by the central-heating system. A blending valve between the temporal store and the boiler maintains a flow temperature of 30° to maximise the heat gained and reduce gas consumption for producing hot water.

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