Taking control of cold-water storage tanks

Keraflo, float valve, water tank

Keraflo is in the process of launching an electronic management system for cold-water storage tanks. Tanktronic provides a simple and intuitive solution to monitoring water levels and temperature. It can also manage and control tank filling and feed this information to a BMS. The unit is quick to install.

Monitoring the level of water in storage tanks and its temperature is essential for facilities managers to assess water usage and some health-and-safety issues, such as stagnation and legionella.

If large volumes of water are left standing, they can become stagnant — potentially harbouring bacteria and parasites.

If the water temperature rises about 25°C, there is the risk of bacterial growth such as legionella. Monitoring is important to avoid water contamination.

As a standalone tank-monitoring system, Tanktronic can be used with all Keraflow delayed-action valves. It can be retrofitted or installed as part of a new installation.

A continuously submerged sensor measures depth and temperature, which are shown on the user-friendly interface on the main control box. If the water temperature or its level are outside ranges configured during installation, an alarm will inform the user.

Where a water valve is installed, Tanktronic can also control the filling of the tank. The difference between the fill level and fill delay maintains delayed-action filling, helping to avoid water hammer and maximising turnover.

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