Achieving adequate ventilation in a building by low- or zero-energy natural methods almost requires a building to be designed around its ventilation systems. The key elements are strategically placed louvres and a stack to stimulate the flow of air across a building an out at high level.

Delivering indoor air quality

With natural air leakage no longer being sufficient to provide adequate ventilation for buildings, achieving good indoor air quality becomes a task for engineers. DAVID STOLTON discusses the issues.

Discreet ventilation for two new apartment blocks near Lincoln are provided by Passivent systems that have just one fan and one external exhaust point for each flat.

Low-energy ventilation is integrated with the building structure in apartments

Controlled ventilation with low energy consumption is provided in an apartment development in Lincolnshire with a ventilation scheme devised by Passivent and developer Redrow Homes.

Energy-efficient ventilation — this system from Vortice complies with Building Regulations requirements for continuous mechanical extract with heat recovery.

Whole-house ventilation achieves 95% efficiency

Vortice has introduced a whole-house heat-recovery ventilation system that is said to exceed the requirements of Part L of the Building Regulations. The HRU ECO 3 RF unit is installed in the loft space and has DC motors and a heat exchanger that results in an efficiency of 95%. They are controlled by 3-speed wireless controllers.

Combining energy efficiency with good air quality

How can you minimise the energy associated with achieving good indoor air quality? HARRI ITKONEN shares his ideas.

Sophisticated, multi-stage filtration is often incorporated in high-wall air conditioners which are not associated with a ventilation system.

Filtration, filtration, filtration...

Modern air-conditioning units can do much more than cool the air, they can also remove all manner of impurities. DAVID MacRAE reviews the technologies used.

While automatically opening windows are an effective strategy for natural ventilation, they could pose a threat to people’s hands and fingers — which a control system from WindowMaster overcomes.

Controller for automatic windows addresses safety concerns

To overcome safety issues of automated windows that are increasingly being installed as part of natural-ventilation strategies for buildings, WindowMaster has developed a control system to avoid fingers and hands becoming accidentally trapped as they close automatically.

Online aid to specifying humidification

Online calculators for duct and room humidification are available on the web site of HygroMatik. These tools are intended to simplify the process of designing and selecting humidification systems for buildings.

Controlled and draught-free ventilation for this digital printer is delivered by textile ventilation socks from Euro Air UK.

Textile ventilation socks deliver gentle controlled ventilation

Textile ventilation socks from Euro Air UK deliver conditioned air to digital print company Digital International without draughts and with low cost of ownership. They were selected by consulting engineers J. E. Evans Associates.

Solving Part F requirements for ventilation in new buildings — Titon’s Trimvent Select Xtra slot ventilators have equivalent areas from 4000 to 4600 mm2.

New slot ventilators help comply with Part F

To help manufacturers and installers of windows comply with Part F (ventilation) of the Building Regulations, Titon has introduced a new range of slot vents, Trimvent Select Xtra.

Reducing ventilation energy consumption

With one of the biggest users of electrical energy in an HVAC system being fans for supplying air, Vince Eade of Jasun Filtration sees an opportunity for reducing their consumption by using more efficient air filters. He tells us that according to research in Germany, fans can account for 18% of the electrical consumption of a building.

Comprehensive control and fault diagnosis of Breezair evaporative coolers is provided by this wall controller from Seeley International.

Seeley enhances the control of its evaporative cooling system

Seeley International has introduced a controller for its Breezair range of evaporative cooler that can handle up to 10 smart hubs and control up to 41 coolers.

The proportion of a building’s annual heating load that can be met by heat recovery (pink area in these graphs) depends on the method of heat recovery. From the left are a run-around coil, plate heat exchanger and non-hygroscopic thermal wheel. In all cases, only a small part of the cooling requirement can be met by energy recovery.

One L of a change in thinking

With the latest Building Regulations specifying low-air-leakage rates for buildings comes the need for controlled mechanical — and, at the same time, the opportunity for energy recovery from the exhaust air to improve the energy performance of buildings even more. CRAIG McFADYEN explores the economic benefits.

Because of the high mercury content of many lamps, they must be disposed of safely, preferably using the services of a specialist company.

Lighting as a key reducer of carbon emissions

Halving the energy used by lighting in industrial and commercial buildings is easy. If lighting is responsible for 40% of a building’s energy use, as it often is, the opportunity for a 20% reduction could be staring you in the face. MIKE HARRINGTON explores the possibilities.

Installed to improve the visual environment, Venture Lighting’s metal-halide lamps are helping to reduce energy costs by £7000 a year in this O2 call centre.

Venture Lighting improves visual environment and reduces energy costs for call centre

Venture Lighting’s metal-halide lamps have been used to great effect in the improvement of the visual environment for over 1200 people employed at the O2 Call Centre in Bury, Lancs.

Aura Actulite luminaires fitted with Aura Ultimate long-life fluorescent lamps have a guaranteed maintenance-free life of 80 000 h.

Fluorescent luminaire has 80 000 h guaranteed life

A written guarantee for at 80 000 h of maintenance-free life is provided with a range of fluorescent luminaires from Aura. Greenstock Lamp company is supplying Aura Ultimate long-life fluorescent tubes to sister company Aura Corporation to fit in Superlife versions of its Actulite polarised daylight fittings.

Using sophisticated digital sensors enables lighting to be controlled and dimmed in response to both occupancy and daylight levels.

Reducing lighting costs by 70%

Modern approaches to lighting control can be installed at the same time as the lighting, and by the same electrician. COLIN LEGG reviews the options available and their benefits.

In areas of deep-plan offices that receive little, if any, daylight, lighting should be provided by suspended direct/indirect luminaires.

Meeting the need for daylight without excessive solar gain

Focusing too much on reducing solar gain into office buildings will lead to buildings that are unpleasant to work in. People benefit from daylight. HARRY BARNITT discusses how to balance the requirements of Part L and people’s need for good lighting.

Sophisticated lighting control at a competitive price — Chalmor’s Autolux controller has seven channels, each of which can be used with six sensors.

Chalmor offers 7-channel lighting controller

With seven channels providing a combination of timed, switching, occupancy and response to changing light levels, Chalmor’s Autolux controller is described as providing the functionality of a high-end lighting-management system for a fraction of the cost. It is also said to be intuitive for end users to operate.

A prismatic option with Luxo’s Free floor-standing luminaires increases light output by 20%.

Floor-standing luminaires have variety of optics

New floor-standing luminaires from Luxo combine screen-printed or prismatic glass with a mirror 5 reflector system and cast-aluminium head glass. The option of prismatic glass for Free luminaires increases light output by 20%.

Mercury Recycling expands lamp-disposal service

Mercury Recycling is making significant expansion to its recycling services in preparation for the implementation of the WEEE Directive later this year (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment). The expansion increase the company’s capabilities in terms of volume, scope of service and geographical coverage.

Wireless controls from Danlers can be used to control electrical loads such as lighting in buildings where it is not practical to install cables.

Wireless lighting controllers

Wireless controllers from Danlers enable lighting to be switched or dimmed and are described as offering a practical solution to complying with Part L of the Building Regulations, especially in buildings where cables are not practical. These controllers can also be used with other electrical loads and are available as hand-held and wall-mounted versions.

Restored to new glory — Birmingham’s Fort Dunlop uses PIR presence detectors from CP Electronics to provide energy-efficient lighting control.

PIR controllers help reduce lighting energy and maintenance costs

Lighting at Birmingham’s reinvented Fort Dunlop incorporates ceiling-mounted PIR presence detectors from CP Electronics with a special finish.

Emergency lighting in a fittings 3 cm in diameter — the JSB Micropoint from Cooper Lighting.

LED light source makes emergency lighting smaller

The use of an LED as the light-source in the flush-mounted JSB Micropoint recessed emergency luminaire from Cooper Lighting makes possible a diameter of just 3 cm. This light source has a life of 60 000 h, and the fitting delivers uniform illumination, making it ideal for coverage of open areas.

As part of the refurbishment of these offices of Surrey County Council, some 1300 modified Cascade luminaires from Whitecroft have been installed.

Updated lighting for Surrey County Council uses Whitecroft Cascade fittings

Refurbishment of Surrey County Council’s Quadrant Court offices in Woking has included the replacement of Cat 2 luminaires with a range of fittings from Whitecroft Lighting. They include specially modified versions of Cascade luminaires to meet the needs of the project.

A hub to interface Simmtronic’s SPECS3 lighting-control system with DALI technology can be mounted in risers.

Simmtronic introduces DALI hard-wired hub

Simmtronic, which makes fully addressable digital lighting controls for corporate developments, has developed a new hard-wired hub for its proprietary SPECS3 systems driving DALI technology.

The new energy centre serving the Natural History Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum is based on an 1800 kW(e) CHP unit and two absorption chillers. Two of the previous boilers have been retained, derated and equipped with new burners, adding many years to their life.

Trigeneration addresses long-term energy needs at Natural History Museum

Energy costs have been cut and carbon-dioxide emissions reduced by 1800 tonnes a year at the Natural History Museum following the installation of a tri-generation system to deliver electricity, heating and cooling — and there are many other benefits. KEN SHARPE takes up the story.

Vapour-compression technology to the rescue

Air conditioning aNd the refrigerants it uses frequently get a bad Press. But Mitsubishi’s Donald Daw believes that air-conditioning technology holds the key to reducing the UK’s emission of carbon dioxide.

Heat pumps can exploit renewable energy from a variety of sources and upgrade it to useful temperatures for space heating and generating domestic hot water. Clockwise from lower left: boreholes at Sharrow School in Sheffield, the paddock at the Yorkshire Energy Centre and outdoor air using a fan-assisted coil.

The reliable route to renewable energy

Despite the powerful green image of solar energy and wind power, heat pumps are by far a more effective way of exploiting renewable energy, as we found out from PHIL MOORE.


A decisive footprint on the green road

When you have reduced the carbon footprint of a building as far as possible with good engineering practice, what can you do about the remaining carbon emissions? The answer is carbon offsetting, as MARK NORTHCOTT explains.

Voted the top H&V product of all time — the Roman Hypocaust dates from over 2000 years ago

Roman hypocaust acclaimed as top H&V product ever

The Roman hypocaust heating system has been voted by the UK H&V industry as the top product of all time in the Hall of Fame initiative associated with the recent H&V07 exhibition and featured in our December issue.

BRA offers its refrigerant supply scheme to DEFRA

The British Refrigeration Association is to offer the responsible trading initiative that it has developed to ACRIB, the Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Industry Board, with the aim that DEFRA can use core parts of the scheme in its basket of solutions for compliance with the F-Gas Regulation. ACRIB is the central sector body consulting with DEFRA.

Controls association looks to broaden its membership base

To provide a wider forum for people in the industry with an interest in building controls, BCIA (the Building Controls Industry Association) has introduced an associate membership category. It is aimed at consultants, contractors, architects and building owners and occupiers.

SES installs major plan for Middlesbrough Digital City

As part of SES’s £3.75 building-services contract for two new buildings at the University of Teesside a chiller weighting 3.5 t is craned into position by a specialist 100 t crane. Over two days, the crane hoisted into position four Carrier chillers, four air-handling units and prefabricated modules onto the roofs of the new buildings for the Institute of Digital Imagery and the Centre for Creative Technologies.

CHP manufacturer passes 1000-unit milestone

The thousandth CHP unit to be made by Ener-G at its factory in Salford has been delivered to the London Borough of Enfield for installation in Edmonton Leisure Centre.

AC2000 is BESCA certified

AC2000, which specialises in the installation of air conditioning and mechanical services, has become one of the first air-conditioning contractors to achieve registration with BESCA (Building Services Competence Accreditation).

Specialist contractor Thermal Transfer is acting as principal design-and-build contract for this laboratory building near Livingston.

Thermal Transfer plays lead role in laboratory project

Thermal Transfer is acting as the principal contractor for the design and build of a new £2.5 million laboratory near Livingston in Scotland.

Looking to be a major player in the VRF market — LG’s Graham Hendra.

LG moves to expand technical services

LG Air Conditioning is expanding its technical services by recruiting up to eight more staff in response to rising demand for VRF products from major contractors, property owners, developers, premises managers, building-services contractors and consultants.

Quartz expands test facilities

As part of the continued development of its Quartz fan-coil business, TEV has added a replication room to its extensive suite of performance and sound-power test chambers. This room simulates site installation for fan coils, cassettes and wall-mounted units. Sound pressure can be measured to demonstrate the noise levels that can be expected with the actual installation.

New owner for Metrico

Metrico Industrial Fans has a new owner — Victoria Fans of Mossley, Lancashire. The shares, goodwill and export agencies of the company have been acquired by George Garside and Ian Grimsditch of Victoria Fans. Roy Pickersgill, former owner of Metrico, is now an export consultant to Victoria Fans.

NG Bailey acquires specialist controls company

NG Bailey, one of the UK’s largest building-services providers, has acquired Integrated Control Systems (ICS) — a specialist controls company. ICS has a turnover of £8 million and is based in the south east.

AMEC wins 5-year NEC maintenance contract

The building and facilities services division of AMEC has secured a major facilities-management contract with the NEC Group, Birmingham, AMEC will be responsible for delivering the mechanical, electrical and building-fabric maintenance services for all NEC Group venues. They include the exhibition halls and entertainment arenas near Birmingham together with the Symphony Hall, International Convention Centre and National Indoor Arena in the city centre.

The technical-engineering maintenance contract for Tower 42 in London has been awarded to Platinum Facilities & Maintenance Services.

Tower 42 goes Platinum

Tower 42, the tallest building in the City of London, has become the first entrant from outside the USA to be recognised at the ‘Office building of the year’ awards. The title was presented at the International Annual Commercial Real Estate Congress in Dallas of the Building Owners & Managers Association for the category ‘2006 distinguished entry award office building of the year international winner’.

Inviron’s Manchester police contract is extended

Inviron’s contract with Equion to be its M&E maintenance partner at 16 police stations in Greater Manchester has been extended for another year.

Sector skills council wins Investors in People award

SummitSkills, the sector skills council for building-services engineering, has achieved Investors in People status.

Back on the growth trail — Leigh Stimpson of Diffusion.

Sales and investment both on the increase at Diffusion

Diffusion has bounced back from two years of poor trading with a 26% increase in sales over the last 12 months, an upswing in profits and signs of a more buoyant market place. The company’s product range includes fan coils, over-door heaters and air conditioning systems to optimise the quality of the working and living environment. The company expects to see continued growth over the coming 12 months and to hire more production staff.

Superbike ride Lee Jackson has again teamed up with Space Airconditioning for the 2007 season.

Space Airconditioning continues its Superbike sponsorship

Space Airconditioning has renewed its support for the Krystal Racing team for the 2007 Metseler Racetec National Superstock Championship, part of the British Superbike Support Package.

Led by Adam Strudwick of MITIE Engineering, this team from Guildford County School won the future-town game, an initiative with Surrey Education Business partnership in schools across Surrey.

MITIE makes a game of business in Surrey schools

MITIE has teamed up with Surrey Education Business Partnership to visit schools across Surrey taking part in games designed to give pupils business, planning and negotiating experience.

Mike Turton (left), sales director of Weatherite Building Services, receives the company’s accredited-installer certificate for Mitsubishi Electric air-conditioning systems from Louise Mew, account manager for the West Midlands region of Mitsubishi and Paul Shelley, area sales manager.

Weatherite Building Services becomes a Mitsubishi accredited installer

Weatherite Building Services has been appointed an accredited installer by Mitsubishi Electric for its air-conditioning systems. The award has been made under Mitsubishi’s partner programme, which provides accredited installers and end-user customers with a number of important advantages — including a 5-year warranty, compared to the usual three years, on all Mitsubishi air-conditioning equipment installed by Weatherite.

John Wright
Reflecting on the 40-year history of EWS, John Wright.

EWS celebrates 40 years

EWS, part of the Eaton-Williams group of companies, has reached a major milestone with the celebration of 40 years in the industry.

Centraline by Honeywell boosts training support for partners

Centraline by Honeywell has set up a training centre to support its partner network of independent automation and control integrators. The facility is in Bracknell and helps partners maximise the energy efficiency of HVAC installations using the Centraline range of automation and controls.



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