JAMES McHALE is concerned that the proven benefits of IT convergence in buildings are so little exploited.
As part of a major upgrade to the headquarters of Philips Lighting in Holland, Tridium worked with its system integrator Celsius Benelux to integrate the control of a complex range of services into one interoperable web-based environment.
Andy Thorn
It is an oft-repeated accusation that building management systems are generally over-specified and unnecessarily complex. In reality, the opposite tends to be the case. In an effort to make cost savings, system specifications are all too frequently pared down and important functionality lost. But as ANDY THORN explains, installation costs can be cut without cutting corners.
The BACnet communications protocol is at the heart of the building-management system for the new hospital in Blackburn. It is used in the TAC Satchwell building-management system and links 33 air-handling and cooling systems serving 11 operating theatres, a new X-ray department with an MRI scanner, a new pathology department and mortuary using distributed power, control and over a hundred inverter drives with native BACnet capability.
FRASER HYMAS discusses the importance of electronic controls to enable air-conditioning to perform to its best potential — and even generate invoices for air-conditioning services.
Trials of Airbloc air curtains with a new control panel have shown average energy savings of 40%. These tests in high-street stores were on an exposed site in the winter, and it is believed that greater savings could be achieved on less-exposed sites, during warmer months and with reduce air outlet temperatures.
JOHN MARROW discusses the steady progress that is being made towards a nationally recognised qualification for controls engineers.
CentraLine is simplifying energy-efficient networked automation of HVAC systems by bundling all its application knowledge into Coach. This software is described as easy to use and to deliver error-free configuration.

BMS without wires

16 July, 2006
JOHN FALLON explains why the future for building management systems is wireless — and looks at the potential of Zigbee.
As part of the £35 million refurbishment of Wembley Arena, Integrated Control Systems has completed a £190 000 controls contract. ICS designed and installed a building-management system to control the vast auditorium, hospitality areas, dressing rooms, promoter’s offices, entrance foyer, bars, restaurants and food outlets.
As part of the extensive refurbishment of a Dutch government building, Priva Building Intelligence is providing an integrated solution for the control of HVAC services, lighting and sun blinds. The refurbishment of this 1984 building includes the installation of an Ethernet network, which will enable the building-management system to take full advantage of system integration.
An estimated £56 000 has been cut off the energy bill of Glasgow Science Centre following a review of the operational profile and reprogramming the Honeywell building-management system to take account of the changes.
Ex-Or has won a contract to supply lighting controls throughout the University of Manchester for the next three years. The award follows the installation of Ex-Or’s lighting-management systems and controls in new buildings and refurbishment projects over the past two years.
john field
JOHN FIELD explains why operational ratings are so important in revealing the true carbon performance of buildings and improvements.
Dave Hampton
DAVE HAMPTON argues that the UK needs to be very much more positive in its attitude to reducing carbon-dioxide emissions from buildings.
Mike Lawrence
The UK Government’s intention to reduce carbon emissions by 60% by 2060 is helping everyone agree that energy must be used more efficiently. MIKE LAWRENCE examines ways of delivering
David Frise

Walking the carbon walk

12 July, 2006
Most companies and individuals are finally ready to tackle their carbon emissions, but few actually know what to do, says DAVID FRISE.
In among the bags of cement, scaffolding and bricks at this year’s Interbuild was a clutch of entries for the show’s awards — providing practical ways of reducing carbon emissions from buildings. They include a range of renewable-energy technologies and a product to achieve the thermal inertia of 10 cm of concrete in just 5 mm.
To minimise the use of mechanical cooling for a new IP-based telephone exchange in Port Stanley on the Falkland Islands, Airedale has supplied two Ecotel indoor downflow units rated at 17 kW each.
SE controls
Littlewoods Shop Direct Group is making use of a low-energy method of cooling its new headquarters in Liverpool using an innovative system developed by SE Controls.
wind turbines
Three wind turbines 9 m in diameter will be incorporated into a residential tower being built as part of the transformation of the Elephant & Castle in London. They will be integrated into the top of the structure of the 43-storey Castle House and contribute to energy costs for the 399 apartments being up to 40% below the UK housing average.
Training programmes for installers of Roth solar thermal solutions are available via Climate Pipework Systems, the UK distributor.
steibel eltron
The Stiebel Eltron range of heat pumps comprises three types; air to water; brine to water; and water to water. They are claimed to achieve a COP of up to five.
A low-energy approach to reducing high summer temperatures in the factory of HPC Engineering is reducing peak temperatures of 30 to 35°C by 8 to 10 K. This has been achieved by installing 17 Breezair evaporative coolers to cool two spaces of 3250 m2 and 2320 m2.
Vital information for monitoring and targeting the energy consumption of building-services plant is gathered by the t-mac system. Information can be made available via any Internet-enabled PC.
Version 22 of Hevacomp’s M&E design software has passed the DCLG accreditation procedure for use with Part of the Building Regulations (2006). This software can thus be used to interface with the Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM) to check compliance with Part L.
Keston Boilers has developed a package for space heating and domestic hot water incorporating a Spa Twin double-coil tank, virtually any model of Keston boiler and a solar panel with an absorption level of 95% and temperature capability of 232°C.
Blackpool’s Solarium has been restored in keeping with its original use as a sun room to become a low-energy building incorporating renewable-energy systems. The new Solaris centre includes a photo-voltaic roof and wind turbines.
A power station burning waste is to be built in south-east London. It will have a capacity of 72 MW and will be fuelled by waste that would otherwise go to landfill.
The use of wood-based fuel to heat community housing in Barnsley has won the top award of the Ashden Awards for sustainable energy.

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