prefabricated pipework
ROBERT HUGHES explains why prefabrication is the way forward for building services and how the management of such projects is developing.
Following its acquisition of Microflex, Watts Industries now offers the Microflex range of thermally insulated pipes.
Swiss Re
The rapid installation of pipes on site without welding has a long history — which is just as valid today. DAVID SNODGRASS tells the story.
Despite the huge installation-time savings possible with plastic pipe, MARTYN ROWLANDS is concerned that these benefits might be squandered by poor installation practice.
PETER MARSH highlights research that emphasise the technical and commercial benefits of copper for pipework systems.
JOHN COOPER explains the advantages of using an automatic approach to HVAC balancing.
With efficiency of gas-fired water heaters approaching 100%, PAUL MARSDEN discusses how considering the total system can further enhance efficiency.
Among a wide range of Oventrop valves installed in heating and cooling systems in the new Withington Community Hospital in south Manchester are Cocon 4 multi-functional control valves for fan-coil units.
Pump set
The Grundfos Hydro Multi range of packaged booster sets for clean-water applications maintain a constant pressure by continuously adjusting pump speed and switching pumps on and off as required. The pumps operate in parallel and are automatically changed over on the first-in/first-out principle.
Honeywell’s Smart-T thermo-electric valve actuators are designed for small linear valves such as those used on fan-coil units, induction units, small re-heaters and re-coolers using hot/cold water as the controlled medium in an electronic temperature-control system. Movement is produced by expansion and contraction of a wax element heated by electrical resistance.
Yorkshire Fittings offers push-fit and press-fit jointing systems for a variety of pipe materials in wide range of sizes. The company also offers a range of commercial valves, Proflow.

PHE units for DHW

14 April, 2006
MHS Boilers has simplified the design of its Hydra packages for generating domestic hot water. They are based on stainless-steel plate heat exchangers and available with single- or twin-head primary pumps. These units have an anti-legionella function and built-in volt-free alarm contacts.
Most modern building management systems (BMSs) have provision for remote access. This opens up the possibility of remote diagnostics which, as STEVE LOUGHNEY of Siemens Business Technologies explains, offer facilities managers big benefits.
four men
Clients and politicians are stepping up the pressure on the industry to improve the lifecycle running costs of buildings. MALCOLM LINSLEY argues that professional collaboration is the best approach.
Energy metering should be more than simply complying with the latest Building Regulations. MIKE CAHILL explains its importance as part of a strategy for automatic monitoring and targeting that can help reduce energy consumption.
Pipe jointing
Climate Pipework Systems is distributor for Roth products in the UK. Systems offered include Alu-Lasertec for hot/cold/potable water and connecting to radiators. Heating requirements are met by the Roth X-PRT S5+.

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