Good indoor air quality and the efficient use of energy cannot be separated with the arrival of new Building Regulations.COLIN JUDD and DAVID BLEICHER have the details.
RIK PROWEN examines the effects of indoor dry air, its causes and how to eradicate the problem.
Overheads cannot be controlled at the expense of indoor air quality, and good indoor air quality is more than just ventilation. JIM KILCOYNE weighs up the various issues.
Against the background of today’s environmental concerns, good indoor air quality and energy efficiency must go hand in hand. STEVE BATCHELOR explores the issues.
Clean air is good for people, furnishings, fittings and expensive equipment. MARTYN STANTON discusses the role of air cleaners in delivering good indoor air quality.
To meet guidelines and requirements for ventilation, Matravers School in Westbury has installed five Passivent Airscoop terminals.
The Marta air purifier and room-ventilation unit from JS Air conditioners draws in fresh air from outside, purifies it and heats it before releasing it to the room.
Air filters supplied to maintenance contractors by Emcel can now be labelled with the company name and contact information as an aid to securing repeat business. This free service applies to disposable panel filters, which are offered in standard sizes from G2 to F8 in a variety of media. Emcel can produce virtually any non-standard panel size as required.
A study of the effects of the Daikin air purifier on 69 patients of Paris-based allergist D Haddad has indicated a number of benefits. The research was carried out over six months on patients who were allergic to pollen and indoor allergens or who suffered from asthma or rhinitis.
Vokes-Air top-of-the-range filters for fine dust and gases have a new name. The former Luwa FP filters are now called Compatex FP.
Air-filtration specialist Jasun Filtration has enjoyed its most successful year in its 33-year history. Last year’s turnover grew by 13%. The growth in carbon filters was 66%, individual panel filters grew by 14%, and sales of filter media were up to 29%.
As part of the refurbishment of Hyde Park Barracks in London, the stables, nearly 300 of them, are ventilated by 13 air-handling units from the Max range of VES Andover. Each unit provides around 6.5 m3/s of tempered air. Some units incorporate heat recovery.

Ventilation catalogue

12 March, 2006
Scolmore’s new ventilation catalogue includes its latest 100 mm fans in a choice of control options and decorative finishes, slimline 100 mm and 150 mm models and automatic louvre fans. The Showerkit is also included, along with flexible ducting, vents, grilles and accessories.
Air-handling units designed to reduce relative humidity to around 20% are playing a key role in the preservation of the ironwork of SS Great Britain, the only surviving steamship designed and built by Brunel.
LG diagram
LG’s NanoPlasma air-purifying system for its air-conditioning products helps remove microscopic contaminants, dust, house mites and pollen. It also helps remove bad odours such as cigarette smoke by catching the odour particles.
Seeley International claims to have become the only manufacturer of evaporative air-cooling systems in the world to achieve compliance with VDI Standard 6022. The company’s products are available in the UK as Breezair.
MIKE LAMB explains why the installation of larger-scale underfloor heating systems is a job for trained professionals.
Underfloor heating
The characteristics of underfloor heating systems lend themselves to achieving compliance with the requirements of the forthcoming Building Regulations to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings. BILL McCONNEL explains.
Over 500 m2 of open-pan shopping space in a new extension to Ashton Hall Garden Centre on the outskirts of Lancaster is heated by a Robbens underfloor heating system served by an oil-fired boiler. Tony Abbit, who has owned this garden centre for the last 12 years, says, ‘These days, garden-centre customers are looking for more than just plants and compost. Our new extension has been specially designed to meet their demands for hundreds of garden related items, from furniture and barbeques to specialist books and clothing.
Electric underfloor heating mats made by Tyco Thermal Controls have been installed in the bathrooms of 216 luxury apartments in the Granton Harbour waterside development at Leith near Edinburgh.
Emmeti has added new functions to its Topway manifold system, which can be used with underfloor heating systems. A new component combines the functions of double-regulating valve, lockshield and flow meter.

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