Exploiting the energy-saving potential of modern air conditioning

The scope for reducing the annual energy consumption of air-conditioning systems is some 45%. ANDREW KEOGH discusses a whole range of opportunities.

Efficient boilers do not necessarily make for an efficient heating system — Graham Williamson.

Why every problem needs a different solution

Prescriptive regulations for boiler plant in commercial buildings will not always lead to the most efficient heating system being installed. There are many factors to be considered, as GRAHAM WILLIAMSON explains.

plant room
In any building with sophisticated and extensive building services, there are ample opportunities to exploit variable-speed drives to improve the quality of the environment — and reduce energy costs.

Variable-speed drives combine better environment with lower energy use

Building-services engineers have fought shy of installing variable speed drives or inverters in the past, but GUY KENNETTsays that their apprehensions are based on older technologies. He also admits that few drives engineers have taken the trouble to understand the needs of environmental installations.

The ability of an underfloor heating system to provide a comfortable environment and avoid the swings of temperature that would be harmful to exhibits at the National Railway Museum at Shildon is demonstrated by the recently installed Giacomini system.

Giacomini brings its approach to comfort to the UK

Comfort technology based on radiant heating and cooling is more energy efficient than just controlling air temperature, according to a major Italian company, which is now bringing its underfloor heating technology to the UK.

Fig. 2: First-floor office space on the corner of the first floor of Passivent’s building in Manchester has provided a successful trial of mixed-mode. The inlet grills for the passive ventilation are just visible above the window line, and the ventilation stack can be seen just above the roof line.

Combining air conditioning and passive ventilation into an energy-efficient solution

Air conditioning and passive ventilation both have important contributions to make to the comfort of buildings. Now those contributions have been combined and increased by two companies working together to exploit the benefits of mixed-mode cooling.

Building-management systems as a means of complying with energy legislation — Ted Scheidegger.

Responding to hot summers and legislation

More hot summers, financial and regulatory pressures of increasing energy prices and the political determination to improve energy efficiency are all problems that can yield to the capabilities of intelligent building-management systems. TED SCHEIDEGGER explains.

Portsmouth City Teaching Primary Care Trust, where Keston Boilers has become the preferred supplier for heating requirements.

Portsmouth care trust teams up with Keston Boilers

As part of efforts to reduce fuel bills by Portsmouth City Teaching Primary Care Trust Estates & Facilities Services, Keston Boilers is supplying equipment for heating and hot-water requirements. The scope of projects includes special-needs care home, day hospitals and health centres.

The operational features of Ultramax gas-fired condensing boilers from MHS Boilers provide energy-efficient heating for the new Pier 6 development at Gatwick Airport.

MHS Boilers meet efficiency demands of Gatwick Pier 6

To help meet requirements for maximum heating efficiency with low emissions for the new Pier 6 development at Gatwick Airport, NG Bailey has installed Ultramax gas-fired condensing boilers from MHS boilers. To meet the fluctuating heating requirement of this project, the heat output of these boilers is fully variable down to 25% of full output.

The benefits and application of variable-speed drives for HVAC applications can be examined using this new CD-ROM from Danfoss.

Examining the benefits of variable-speed drives

Danfoss has prepared a CD-ROM that provides comprehensive guidance on the control and application of AC drives in the HVCA sector. HVAC Planet is available free and supersedes the HVACity CD.

Water heaters
Up to 80% of the tank volume of Maxxflo storage water heaters can be generated in condensing mode.

DHW with condensing efficiencies

To help building proprietors and managers comply with legislation on the energy performance of buildings and carbon-dioxide emissions, Andrews Water heaters is continuing its development of condensing technology.

Underfloor heating is key part of £50 a year home-heating scheme

Such is the use made of renewable energy sources in a 420 m2 home in Gloucestershire, that a Hepworth Hep2O underfloor heating and domestic-hot-water installation is expected to have total running cots of £65 a year, Heating costs are calculated at £50 a year, with a further £15 for hot water.

The free-cooling capabilities of Airedale’s Ecotel units for applications such as computer rooms and telephone exchanges can be exploited for 90% of the year.

Free cooling is key feature of Airedale Ecotel cooling units

Airedale has added compact 5 and 6.5 kW models to its Ecotel Indoor range of packaged, free-cooling for telecom exchanges, base stations, cabins and shelters, as well as ISPs and computer rooms.

Helping the Oxford Radcliffe Hospital NHS Trust comply with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 is the commissioning of the specialist electrical-testing and inspection division of Parkersell to test, trace, report and action repairs of fixed electrical installation in its hospitals. The work includes all equipment up to 415 V. The service provided by Parkersell includes producing periodic inspection reports on the fixed electrical installations, which are tested to ensure they continue to function safely and correctly.

Know the rules — new trends in electrical testing and inspection

Ensuring that electrical installations in commercial buildings comply with regulations requires a planned programme of inspection and testing. ANDRE DUFAYE outlines what is involved.

Canary Wharf
The high-density electrical loading in high-rise buildings such as Canary Wharf inevitably increase short-circuit current ratings.

Explaining the need for higher short-circuit ratings

The changing nature of electrical installations is reducing their natural impedance, so that higher short-circuit currents occur. DAVID PITT and CHRIS SMITH explain the consequences.

Dave Milbourne
Raring to go — Dave Milbourne believes that D-Line surface trunking is a significant new alternative to traditional methods of routing electrical cables. It is available in a range of aesthetic finishes and colours and comes in van-sized 2.4 m lengths.

A design-conscious alternative to box profile trunking

Concealing electrical cables is either messy work or lacks elegance. DAVE MILBOURNE explains another approach.

Reducing electromagnetic disturbance — even with power cable and data cable laid quite close together, properly earthed basket tray considerably reduces electromagnetic disturbance — an effect which increases as the cables are separated more widely.

Protecting data cables against electromagnetic disturbances

How much protection against electromagnetic interference does data cabling need? MATTHEW WAYS explains describes how independent tests confound common sense.

The lighting requirements of this maintenance depot of Nottingham Express Transit tramway are met by a range of luminaires from Cooper Lighting & Security

Cooper Lighting is on the right tracks

Pacemaker high-bay luminaires and Tufflite luminaires have been supplied by Cooper Lighting & Security for the maintenance deport of the Nottingham Express Transit tramway. This is the first tram service to operate in Nottingham since 1936 and carried 8.4 million passengers in its first year — well ahead of target.

Bringing the benefits of Ex-Or’s Connect system for lighting systems to less sophisticated projects is Connect Ultra-Lite.

Making the right connection in lighting installations

Ex-Or has expanded its Connect range of purpose-designed connection systems for lighting installations with the launch of Connect Ultra-Lite.

Designed for hygiene applications is Armorduct’s stainless-steel range of conduit and fittings.

Stainless-steel conduit and fittings range extended

Armorduct has expanded its range of stainless-steel conduit and fittings for use in kitchens, food factories, health-car facilities and laboratory environments.

A host of features offering safety and installation benefits are incorporated in Schneider Electric’s LoadCentre KQII range of distribution boards.

Distribution board enhances contractor safety

A new range of electrical distribution boards from Schneider Electric incorporates features to avoid installation errors.

A vast range of pluggable equipment for electrical installations is included in this new catalogue from Wieland.

Pluggable electrical installation systems from Wieland

Over 5000 electrical components are covered in Wieland Electric’s new building installation catalogue. They are part of the Gesis system, with all components from the distribution unit to the consumer device being plug-in

Merlin shows it has a big heart

To provide power for a mobile cardiac catheter laboratory at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, power support company Merlin Power Management delivered a 200 kVA standby generator overnight.

Building the Olympic Games

With an immovable deadline for the Olympic Games in 2012, the construction industry — and the services sector in particular — cannot afford to be short of the required skills.

Geoff Prudence
Probing the benefits of designers and facilities managers co-operating — Geoff Prudence.

Combining the expertise of building designers and facilities managers

There is much to be gained when those responsible for designing buildings and those who will subsequently manage them, facilities managers, work together from concept stage. GEOFF PRUDENCE how an initiative by two industry bodies will encourage this.

Maintaining standards

How well is your building operated and maintained? Those questions can be difficult to answer in isolation, but PADDY HASTINGS describes a scheme to enable companies offering such services, and their clients, to compare their performance.

Mary Rose
Designs for an environment to enable the Mary Rose to be housed in a new museum have be prepared by consulting engineers Gifford.

Preparing for the next stage of the life of the Mary Rose

Multi-disciplinary consulting engineer Gifford has been appointed as part of the design team for a new museum to house the hull of the Mary Rose. The commission follows earlier engineering work undertaken by the practice relating to preserving the hull of Henry VIII’s flagship.

An analogue control system at Emcor UK has been upgraded to a building-management system using a Priva system.

Analogue control goes digital

When facilities-management Emcor UK needed to upgrade its analogue control system, its systems specialist Independent Building Solutions recommended Priva Building Intelligence.

Intelligent smoke ventilation for the prestigious building that is part of the Royal Albert Dock regeneration programme in London is provided by a system designed and installed by SE Controls.

Royals approval for SE Controls

An intelligent means of venting smoke in the event of a fire for Building 1000 at the Royals Business Park office development has been designed, installed and commissioned by SE Controls. This is one of the first buildings to be completed in this part of the massive regeneration programme at London’s Royal Albert Dock.

Sports centre
The testing of the extensive emergency-lighting system in this £4 million sport and recreation centre at Coventry University is carried out automatically by P4’s FasteLink system.

Self-testing emergency lighting is a winner in sports centre

The integrity of the emergency-lighting the in the new £4 million Whitefriars sport and recreation centre has been achieved with the installation of a FasteLink computer-addressable fully automatic self-testing system from P4. The system provides a reliable, simple and rapid response to any maintenance requirement for this 2-storey building.

Andrews Sykes meets BBC cooling needs

As part of the relocation of 750 BBC staff, equipment and assets from Pebble Mill to a predominantly open-plant environment at the Mailbox in the heart of Birmingham, Andrews Sykes provided three 500 kW chillers to meet the cooling needs of the building during fit-out.

Effective, rapid-response heating for Ryanair’s new hangar at Prestwick Airport is provided by a Nor-Ray-Vac continuous radiant-tube heating system.

Radiant heating is the plane solution in aircraft hangar at Prestwick

A continuous radiant-tube heating system positioned at high level in the 22 m roof of Ryanair’s new hangar at Prestwick airport ensures night-shift workers are kept warm despite open doorways and cold winds.

Very low noise levels were a key requirement of the ventilation systems for the Wales Millennium Centre — including the 39 air-handling units supplied by Carrier.

Carrier’s performance is ppp at Wales Millennium Centre

Faced with demanding noise requirements for the Wales Millennium Centre, almost every one of 39 air-handling units supplied by Carrier had to be factory tested and certificated. The heart of this project is the auditorium of the Donald Gordan Theatre, which can seat over 1800 people. Other spaces include foyers, rehearsal rooms, studios, the orchestra pit, control rooms, visitor facilities and offices.

Background heating to prevent corrosion of the 3000 t of steel held in this depot is provided by high-level Reznor warm-air heaters.

Steel conditions maintained by Reznor warm-air heaters

To provide background heating to maintain the conditioning of bright engineering steels stored in the Waterbeach depot of Parker Steel, Reznor V3 gas-fired heaters have been installed.

car showroom
A range of installation challenges in the Hemel Hempstead showroom of Anthony Betts Motor Group were overcome using Fujitsu VRF equipment.

Fujitsu VRF air conditioning overcomes installation issues

The successful installation of a Fujitsu VRF air-conditioning system by Force One Air Conditioning at the Watford showroom of Anthony Betts Motor Group has led to a second showroom installation at the refurbished Hemel Hempstead branch.

Even-Heat underfloor heating in an extension providing pre-school facilities in this school at Wallsend combines safety with comfort.

Underfloor system provides safe heating for pre-school nursery facilities

Underfloor heating in an extension to a nursery combines safety with comfort. The Even-Heat system serves a 400 m2 single-storey extension to St Peter’s Church of England School at Wallsend, which provides nursery and pre-school facilities for children up to four years old.

William Hill
Helping to ensure that punters in betting shops of William Hill in the south east will not be let down by the internal environment is a maintenance contract awarded to EWS.

William Hill backs Eaton-Williams Service

If punters in William Hill betting shops get hot under the collar, that will not be due the air conditioning. Ensuring that a comfortable, conditioned environment is maintained in the company’s betting offices in the South East is now the task of Eaton-Williams Service, which secured this contract following an invitation to tender.

400 houses in Preston have already been fitted with Remeha combi condensing boilers as part of a renewal programme to upgrade the provision of heating and hot water

Preston homes warm to Broag

The first phase of a renewal programme to provide up-to-date heating and hot-water for Preston City Council’s domestic accommodation has been completed with the installation of over 400 Remeha Selecta combi condensing boilers.

Stately home
The key to controlling the new heating system in this Victorian mansion applied by The Stove Shop without damaging the building and historic decorations was the use of a Honeywell table-top wireless programmer.

Wireless technology solves control issues in stately home

Faced with the requirements when installing central-heating controls in family living areas of a stately home in Devon not to damage historic decorations, no cable holes and no visible wiring, Honeywell wireless programmable thermostats provided the solution.

Luxury home
Herons Brook, a 650 m2 Georgian-style property in Prestbury, Cheshire, is one of a growing number including underfloor heating and cooling built by Hillcrest Homes.

Luxury homes include underfloor heating and cooling

Underfloor heating and cooling is being included in its most prestigious projects by Cheshire developer Hillcrest Homes.

Following research in the industry, Trane has developed a new range of air-handling units with more features and better build quality.

Trane enhances performance and quality of air-handling units

Trane’s new range of CLCE air-handling units has been developed from the CLCP range launched in 2003 following research among consultants, contractors and maintenance companies. Among the improvements is the inclusion on name plates of motor power, external static pressure, and air flow.

The CP range of fire-rated bag filters from Jasun Filtration.

Fire-retardant bag filters

A range of high-efficiency bag filters from Jasun Filtration for general heating and air-conditioning applications have low flammability. They are made from Class 1 fire-retardant media to meet DIN 53 438 Teil 3. These filters are available from grade F6 to F9 in a number of sizes.

Bringing Viessmann design and quality standards to low-budget projects is the Vitoplex 100 PV range of boilers.

Viessmann targets new boiler at budget projects

The latest addition to Viessmann’s boiler range is aimed at low-budget projects.

Up to 11 ElectroVap MC electrode boiler humidifiers from JS Humidifers can be linked in a master/slave system.

The benefits of master/slave humdifiers

The ElectroVap MC electrode boiler humidifier from JS Humidifiers can now be used in a master/slave system of up to 11 units to deliver up to 900 kg/h of steam to an air-handling system.

The use of different-size compressors in the outdoor units of LG’s Multi-M multi-split system achieves energy savings of up to 35%

Multi-split air conditioning uses two different compressors

The outdoor units of LG’s Multi M multi-split air-conditioning system uses two compressors operating at 40 and 60%, rather than conventional ones working at 100%. This approach allows for energy savings of up to 35%.

Air filter housing
Adaptable air filtration, Jasun Filtration’s Filbox can hold all types of air filters.

Air-filter housings

Housings to hold all types of air filter in any configuration are available from Jasun Filtration. Designed for internal and external siting, Filbox filter housings are available in various models in a wide range of sizes and dimensions. They can hold a row of bag filters from 95 to 750 mm thick and can be bought with a row of panel filters installed.

Chameleon is the changing face of air curtains

The Chameleon warm-air curtain from Diffusion is described as offering an aesthetic solution for lobbies and entrance areas.

Accurate control of pumped riser pipes

Accurate control of pumped riser pipes terminating into header tanks is provided by Hydraquip’s constant-flow flange CFF range fitted into pipe terminating flanges. This enables the delivery to the header to be accurately specified and the maximum delivery at any one time can be calculated, with the CFF being able to self compensate within ±10% through a pressure range from 1 to 10 bar.

New features in heat-pump and cooling-only versions of Daikin’s VRVII range of air-conditioning equipment enhance efficiency and simplify installation.

Daikin expands its VRVII range of air conditioning

Daikin has added new heat-pump and cooling-only versions to its VRVII range of R410A air-conditioning systems.

heating panel
Effective radiant heating in a suspended ceiling is provided by Solray’s Trident panels.

Radiant-heating panels

The Trident modular radiating-heating panel from Solray is designed to fit into standard 600 mm ceiling grids. It can be specified in short or long runs in buildings such as hospitals, schools and offices. The heat source is hot water, and these panels provide heating without occupying wall space.

Preinsulated pipework for air-conditioning and refrigeration systems from Armacell reduce installation costs.

Pre-insulated pipework for air-conditioning and refrigeration

Pre-insulated pipework from Armacell can be supplied with SAE flare fittings and other accessories. Armaflex Split and Duosplit pre-insulated pipework is designed for single-split and multi-split air-conditioning systems, reversible heat pumps, refrigeration systems and cold shelves.



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