Progressive companies base their success on a sustained programme of new-product development. Anne King examines the issues in the building-services sector.
Even products for very simple tasks can have far-ranging implications.Lawrence Burns considers float valves for controlling the water level in storage tanks and the benefits to health and safety and energy consumption.
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The traditionally separately supplied products of fan-coil units and diffusers are now offered as a single package with guaranteed performance.
Keeping up in a competitive market place demands periodic reviews of product ranges. We found out how Carrier Holland Heating enhanced its AHU offering and addressed costs.
Commissioning module
Effective commissioning of chilled-water systems is vital to their efficient operation — even more so when variable-speed pumps are used. SAV has responded to the challenge with commissioning sets that make possible the balancing of several fan-coil units from one point.
Most people must be noticing that R410A split-system air conditioning is more efficient than previous systems. But the change is not just due to the refrigerant.
VES Andover has developed a range of fans designed for reliability and to work continuously in arduous environments. They have a life expectancy for bearings in excess of 200 000 h with continuous running temperatures up to 150°C.
The design features of Colman’s N Series of nozzle diffusers are said to be a major factor in the product’s success.
AgCu water treatment

Advanced water disinfection

02 September, 2004
The controlled use of copper and silver ions to disinfect water is said by KK Water Purification to avoid the biodegrading problems associated with some biocides, to that they become food for micro-organisms. Disinfection is ensured for long periods of time. Ultra-violet disinfection has similar benefits.
Duct reducer

Reducing ductwork losses

02 September, 2004
A duct reducer that also reduces pressure drop has been developed by Lindab. The reducer has a bell-shaped design and is available in diameters from 100 to 250 mm.
A new series of variable-speed drives from Mitsubishi Electric is said to set new benchmarks for energy saving through the development of improved power circuits, coupled with the the advanced processing power of the latest electronics to provide enhanced power-control strategies. They are intended particularly for pumps and fans.
Plantation place
Faster and more accurate commissioning for a major project in the City of London has been achieved using Venturi commissioning valves from Yorkshire Fittings. David Hearne, commercial manager for valves, says, ‘The Yorkshire Venturi is the first innovative static commissioning product to enter the market in many years.’

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Wellbeing and building services

Building services have a significant part to play in improving the wellbeing of occupants in offices. 

Part 2: Holding onto specifications

Alan Jamieson discusses how to keep specifications intact from the design to the completion, a common challenge in M&E engineering.