Terry Wyatt
The time has arrived for ground-source heat pumps — Professor Terry Wyatt.

Renewable heat – the era of ground-source heat pumps

With carbon-dioxide emissions being 50 to 60% lower than even a gas-fired condensing boiler, ground-source heat pumps have a key role to play in a low-carbon future. PROFESSOR TERRY WYATT explains why he believes their time has arrived.

Brian Sensecall
Helping design better underfloor heating systems – Brian Sensecall on new standards.

Underfloor heating – better comfort by design

A new standard for calculating the performance of underfloor heating systems is not only simple but very accurate. BRIAN SENSECALL explains how it works.

Church heating
Today’s gas-fired fan-assisted convectors can make very short work indeed of heating churches. Bill Sinclair of Rinnai suggests that the warm-up time would normally not exceed an hour and a hal, with the heating cost for a service generally being under £5 — including pre-heat period.

Redefining the performance of gas-fired convector heaters

Forget the heating of village and church halls of your youth. Gas-fired convector heaters have advanced enornmously — as BILL SINCLAIR explains.

What’s best for your business?

Heating remains one of the biggest operational overheads for industries throughout the UK. The Government’s Climate Change Levy has added an extra cost to all fuel bills. Switching to energy-efficient space heating technology will minimise fuel consumption, benefit the environment and, most importantly, reduce costs. DAVID ROCK of Ambi-Rad Limited explains.

Electric underfloor heating requires little depth and can be used with a wide range of floor finishes — including wood, tile, laminate and heat-resistant carpet.

New opportunities for electric underfloor heating

Technological advances in recent years enable electric underfloor heating systems to provide optimum comfort and be economically viable, says SIMON BRODERICK.

Underfloor heating/cooling can be combined with underfloor services using Osma’s RAF system.

Underfloor heating for raised access floors

An underfloor heating system designed for use with raised access floors has been developed by Osma. The system can also provide cooling.

Essex college enjoys the benefits of boiler replacement

Faced with the need to replace three cast-iron sectional boilers with ages from 12 to 30 years, Bryan Yates, site manager with Braintree College in Essex, embarked on a feasibility study with consulting engineers Atkins Management Professional Services. The aim was to identify new boilers that would achieve efficient performance with low emissions, ease of maintenance, responsiveness ot varying space-heating requirements and the ability to be easily retrofitted to existing pipework.

Eco Centre
Heating for the new Eco Centre in Stockport is provided by Viessmann heat pump sourced from eight 28 m-deep boreholes.

Eco Centre goes to ground for its heating

A ground-source heat pump provides space heating for the Eco visitor centre in Southport, which is the terminus for the park-and-ride service and a showcase and teaching centre explaining sustainable construction and renewable energy. Over 500 000 visitors a year are expected.

Underfloor heating and cooling for the three floors of this new office building in Aylesbury is served by a Calorex heat pump with an electrical input of 7 kW.

All-electric heating and cooling solution is heat-pump based

Underfloor heating and cooling served by a Calorex heat pump is providing an energy-efficient solution for a suite of offices in Aylesbury.

The Unimat range of boilers from Controlled Flame Boilers offers outputs from 350 to 19 200 kW.

Energy-efficient boilers for larger heating systems

The Unimat range of commercial boilers from Controlled Flame Boilers is designed to provide energy-efficient solutions for larger heating projects. PM5 safety requirements are included as standard items.

CG boiler
The CG range of wall-hung condensing boilers from Clyde Combustions offer outputs from 58 to 180 kW

Wall-hung condensing boilers

A range of six wall-hung condensing boilers from Clyde Combustions covers outputs from 58 to 180 kW. All have a maximum operating pressure of 6 bar.

High- and low-temperature circuits can be supplied simultaneously by Hamworthy Heating’s Ansty stainless-steel condensing boiler.

Hamworthy takes condensing boilers to a new dimension

Hamworthy Heating has launched a range of stainless-steel condensing boilers designed for use in modular arrangements or singly. Ansty boilers have two return connections, one low temperature and the other high temperature, allowing separate circuits to operate at different temperatures, such as underfloor heating and DHW. The lower-temperature return circuit enables the energy-saving benefits of condensing operation to be realised.

school building
Dame Janet School in Ramsgate is one of five pre-school nurseries on the Isle of Thanet for which Robbens is supplying underfloor heating systems.

Pre-school nurseries enjoy the benefits of underfloor heating

Underfloor heating systems in five new pre-school nurseries in the Isle of Thanet are providing safe heating without the use of cumbersome and costly LT radiators and without taking up wall space.



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