SAV systems opens its low-carbon technology centre at Woking

SAV Systems, low-carbon technology
Visitors get to grips with low-carbon technologies at the recent open day of SAV Systems for its low-carbon technology centre.

SAV Systems has marked the completion of its low-carbon technology centre at Woking, in a building formerly occupied by McLaren Racing, with a major open day that included interactive workshops and CPD seminars. The facility was described by managing director Lars Fabricius to some 80 visitors as ‘a single big test laboratory and facility that is visitor friendly’.

Among the technologies demonstrated, frequently as part of the services of the building itself, are combined heat and power, district heating , commissioning and distribution solutions.

A CHP installation meets most of the building’s heating loads during the year, and an absorption chiller uses surplus heat to provide cooling in the Summer. Surplus heat is also used to produce domestic hot water.

Lars Fabricius says, ‘This facility give us a great opportunity to test not just individual products but also how they integrate with each other. As a result, we can have full confidence in the solutions we propose, and we can also provide specifiers and installers with a live demonstration.’

Training sessions can also be provided for installers. Lars Fabricius concludes: ‘This is a multi-purpose facility that will enable us to improve on the already high levels of service we offer to customers.’

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