Web site lets users share design strategies

IES has developed a web site for construction-industry professionals to share sustainable case studies and VE (Virtual Environment) model files from their building projects. Called Lessons, this knowledge-sharing platform will enable users to draw on past experience and insight on sustainable-building design — whether or not they use VE. The site also lets users of VE share stripped-down versions of their building models. There are already over 130 case studies on the site, which is free to use.

The VE file-sharing capability enables users to quickly test strategies of interest on their live design projects. Uploaded, encrypted 3D model files can be downloaded and merged with existing models. Key strategy information is shared across areas such as HVAC systems, constructions, lighting, window and door controls, costing data and renewable systems. Geometry is hidden, as is the ability to inspect the data in detail.

Manufactures can also sign up to the web site and create an online profile with details of their products. This information will automatically be linked to case studies where these products have been used, so designers can view product details and connect with manufacturers.

Don McLean, founder and managing director of IES, says, ‘The Lessons web site provides a platform for the entire industry to collaborate, share ideas and learn from one another about designing sustainable buildings. It is designed to become the industry-standard method of connecting designers of low-carbon buildings to innovative products that will allow them to achieve their objectives.’

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