Belimo’s Energy Valve wins BCIA award

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Belimo’s Energy Valve, which combines five functions to revolutionise flowrate regulation and hydraulic balancing, has received this year’s award from the Building Controls Industry Association for technical innovation of the year — products. This was one of nine awards, and this category was sponsored by Modern Building Services.

The Energy Valve is the next logical development of the electronically controlled, pressure-independent characterised control valve from Belimo, the EPIV. The new valve has the capabilities of measuring, controlling, balancing and bubble-tight shut-off within the one valve. Its fifth function is to show where energy is being used.

Energy Valves have a built-in web server, so the information can be accessed via a web browser or a building-management system. 13 months of data is stored and can be used to monitor and optimise the energy balance of a heating/cooling system in a targeted manner.

Combining all these functions into a 2-port valve simplifies installation and reduces costs. Hydraulic balancing is considerably simplified, taking one person less than a minute per line.

Nick Martin, senior applications engineer with Marflow Hydronics, has used the Energy Valve. He explains, ‘I selected this valve because it offered a particularly innovative solution that offers significant benefit in terms of ease of setting (through laptop) and incorporated flow measurement, to ease commissioning to a higher level of accuracy than an orifice plate. But the real benefit was the incorporated energy totalisation; this will provide our customers with the ability to directly measure the energy consumption of their chillers, and at no extra cost. Additionally the web-based interface allows the energy readings to be recorded without needing to alter our customer’s control scheme, a yearly visit with a laptop should be sufficient.’

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