FETA marks 30 years as trade association

The role of FETA (Federation of Environmental Trade Associations) in influencing the legislative process was highlighted by Mike Nankivell, president of HEVAC and chairman of the FETA board at the annual lunch — which marked 30 years since the association was set up in 1984. He referred in particular to Part L of the Building Regulations, the new parameters for the Renewable Heat Incentive and the outcome of the F gas review.

The long-running and controversial proposals on the banning/phasing out in the EU of HFCs, which are potent greenhouse gases, have settled into the capping of their use and a gradual phase-down. The expected timescale is for a ban on their use in new air-conditioning appliances by 2022 to 2025 and a 79% reduction in their overall use by 2030. The plan affects R410A, R407C and R134a

Mike Nankivell commented, ‘The outcome of the F gas review illustrates very well what a trade body can do. We were never going to win on every point, but by being tenacious, by working with colleagues in other national and European organisations and through our close ties with officials in DEFRA, FETA was able to influence the review to the benefit of its members.’

He also noted the effort put into Part L by air-conditioning, ductwork and ventilation members. The involvement in the RHI of members concerned with biomass had heat-pump technologies was also noted.

One of the key tasks for this year is appointing a success to director general Cedric Sloan, who has held the position for 16 years. Mike Nankivell said, ‘Cedric has helped to grow FETA to its present size. He was instrumental in moving FETA into our permanent premises, while still building up the cash reserves to provide a safety net for our operations. In his time, we have had to expand our efforts and effectiveness in Brussels due to the impact of European legislation on all of our businesses.’

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