Easy interfaces for energy efficiency

A range of user interfaces for the Desigo PX building automation system from Siemens Building Technologies is designed for user-friendly and intuitive operation.
User-friendly and intuitive operation are key features of new operator interfaces for the modular Desigo building-automation system from Siemens Building Technologies. These interfaces are designed to make it easy to monitor, analyse and control energy usage. They are available in versions for every level of user — from janitorial staff in individual buildings to corporate energy managers. Even the most basic unit for use with a single automation station displays setpoints, present values and operating modes, as well as allowing users to change setpoints. Alarm and faults are also indicated. A networkable interface manages multiple stations and includes a graphical display for on-line trends and heating curves — information that is invaluable for effective energy management. The Web operator interface enables systems to be managed from any network connection. There is full access to all current values, setpoints, plant operating modes and parameters. This interface can generate SMS text messages to send fault information to mobile phones. The Insight management station allows system-wide multiple workspace operation. Among its many facilities are centralised programming for all time-controlled building functions, an alarm viewer and features to forward alarms to printers, fax machines, mobile phones and e-mail. It also has full Web functionality.
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