The quicker way to stiffen rectangular ductwork

Type S duct stiffeners from CCL Veloduct provides quick and simple method of increasing the rigidity of rectangular ductwork.
To increase the strength and rigidity of rectangular ductwork, CCL Veloduct offers the Type S stiffener. Much less time is required to fit this product compared with traditional angle iron. Overall time savings of 20 to 30% are estimated, depending on the size of duct. These stiffeners can be fitted before or after ductwork has been installed. Sections are made from galvanised steel and comprise a right-angle profile with a roll-over finish to one side. Fixing centres are rolled into the stiffeners during manufacture to eliminate marking out and reduce fitting time. To make a stiffening frame, four sections of profile are cut to match the ductwork dimensions and fixed by spot welding or fasteners using pre-punched dimples No secondary protection is required. Type S stiffeners come in two sizes; DVS2 has an S2 rating and DVS4 and S4 rating. Both comply with Fig. 19 of HVCA specification DW/144.
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