The light is always perfect at Lord’s

The Long Room at Lord’s cricket ground is one of three with picture display lighting served by a Multiload Voltmaster transformer to provide controllable lighting and a stable supply according to the load.
Multiload’s VoltMaster intelligent transformer has been used as part of display-lighting system for three rooms in Lord’s cricket pavilion. Display lighting in the Long Room, Committee Room and Writing Room uses three dimmable Voltmaster 400 units and 12 dimmable VoltMaster 300 units. Part of the scheme proposed by Lighting Design International was a track system for picture lighting that would be remotely controlled by a curator using a programmable architectural control system to control the illumination of pictures as part of a tour. The track enables lights to be added or removed as required to suit changing artwork. For aesthetic reasons, the transformer to provide the low-voltage to the track had to be outside these rooms and concealed some distance from them. Not only can VoltMaster be located up to 50 m from the light source, but it is also self regulating that that it can sense changing loads and respond to them. As the number of light fittings changes, the set light level is maintained. VoltMaster comes in dimmable or fixed versions for siting indoors or outdoors. All models have a soft-start system.
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