Trox invests in test chamber for fan-coil units

The latest test facility of Trox at Thetford measures the thermal output and air-volume performance of 4-pipe fan-coil units.
Trox (UK) has invested £40 000 in a new facility to test fan-coil units. to the requirements of BS 4856 Part 1 1972. This chamber can test the thermal output and air-volume performance of 4-pipe fan-coil units with cooling and heating capacities up to 6 kW and airflows from 50 to 500 l/s. Horizontal and vertical units, with and without ducting, can be tested. The chamber is heated and cooled by a purpose-built air-handling unit that can produce 3600 m3/h —twice the airflow of the largest unit to be tested. This ensures a very even temperature in the test chamber. An electro-magnetic flow meter with an accuracy better than ±0.5% measures water flow. Airflow measurements are made using a nozzle box with AMCA-pattern nozzles. Power consumption of the fan-coil unit is made using a single-phase digital multi-function power meter with a digital output. Ian Sams, marketing manager of Trox (UK) says, ‘The industry is very sceptical of performance claims made by some manufacturers of fan-coil units, which are seen as over optimistic. This has been confirmed in a recent article by BSRIA stating that, in their experience, measured fan-coil performance can be up to 30% below some manufacturers’ catalogue data. However, accurate fan-coil-unit testing can demonstrate that equipment will do exactly what is claimed for it, minimising risks on projects and offering peace of mind to the client, which is why we believe it is essential to offer our clients the ability to easily test our products.’
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