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A simple look around is all it takes to remind us of how the rapid technological advances of the past several decades have raised quality of life and placed vast amounts of information at our fingertips. Just as these highly visible changes have impacted almost every aspect of modern life, a number of equally significant innovations have shaped the world around us from just outside public view. Advances in green energy, processor speed, and efficient components may not immediately come to mind when thinking of important breakthroughs, but these technologies have all grown by leaps and bounds in recent years.

Climate control solutions are an excellent example of a background technology that can operate efficiently for years without receiving a second thought from users.

The LG MULTI V 5’s new Ultimate Inverter Compressor is LG’s 5th generation compressor and represents the serious strides the company has made in improving every aspect of component performance. Offering unrivalled efficiency, reliability and durability, the Ultimate Inverter Compressor expands the 15 to 150 Hz operational range of its predecessor to between 10 Hz and 165 Hz. This enlarged range increases part load efficiency and improves heating performance.

LG’s advanced Vapor Injection technology employs an advanced two- stage compression approach to provide efficient heating in extremely cold environments. Working in conjunction with HiPOR™, this system boosts integrated energy efficiency and heating efficiency. In addition to lowering energy expenses and making the MULTI V 5 more environmentally conscious, LG’s Vapor Injection technology expands overall heating capacity. The sheer number of benefits derived from this innovative technology helps demonstrate how slight differences in internal components can lead to vastly different results.

Smart Oil Management feature uses sensors to check the compressor’s oil balance in real time, minimising unnecessary oil recovery operation. The power of Smart Oil Return greatly reduces the likelihood of a system shut-down occurring while the MULTI V 5 is actively heating. The advanced system employs oil balancing and return algorithm which works in tandem with the sensor to reduce power consumption. This has the twin effect of simultaneously decreasing energy waste and improving reliability. Real-time measurement of oil in the compressor reduces energy loss, providing consistent heating for the indoor environment. With Smart Oil Return, heating operation time per day has been increased by up to 12% compared to Non-oil sensor models.

The significant R&D resources that LG has committed to the development of the Ultimate Inverter Compressor demonstrate just how seriously the company takes the design of each individual component - no matter how hidden they are.

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