MBS switches away from plastic wrapping

Modern Building Services magazine is switching from plastic wrapping from September 2019.

Modern Building Services magazine is switching from plastic to a fully-compostable and 100% biodegradable wrapping. 

Charles Keel, MBS publishing director, says: “We are seeing more of our readers ask about the wrapping that MBS is delivered in and as we cover sustainability issues in the building services sector it seems only right that we should do what we can to take a lead on better environmental behaviour.” The first issue in the new wrapping will be September 2019.

The new MBS wrapping complies with European Standard EN 13432 which means that the material must reach a 90% biodegradable threshold within a maximum of six months. And there must be no fragments more than 2mm2 after 12 weeks.

“Essentially, the wrapping is made from potato starch which is a growing source of bioplastics for many industries,” adds Keel.

To dispose of the wrapping, you can compost it at home if you have the means. However, local authorities still have different approaches to compostable materials, so always check with your local waste management teams what the best approach is for your area.

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