IV Produkt launches a new 'game changing' concept

IV Produkt

IV Produkt say their new concept represents a new way of designing, transporting and assembling air handling units.

IV Produkt’s new concept that significantly simplifies, speeds up and cuts the overall costs for site transportation and site assembly of Air Handling Units.

Thanks to the smart split-design solutions, the modules can now easily be transported through a single door.

The solution is available for units with controls, also with the integrated cooling unit – EcoCooler or the reversible heat pump – ThermoCooler HP.

  • Customised modules with minimal measurements to simplify on-site transportation
  • Less installation time with smart quick-connections for refrigerants and simple wiring
  • Full factory warranties and complete CE Certification
  • Significant cost savings

An increased demand for fresh air ventilation and improved indoor climate, have together with high regulatory and sustainability requirements for improved energy efficiency resulted in the need for more, and larger, air handling units.

With IV Produkt’s new concept, a unit with an air flow of approximately 4.5 m3/s, can easily be transported through a single doorway. This example unit, once assembled, will have the measurements of 2.2m x 2.5m and up to 6m long.

This new concept will be launched at IV Produkt’s digital experience NEWS Online!

On 23rd June at 14:00 and 24th June at 10:00am


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