Improving The Digital Customer Journey With Empress

Nortek Empress

With the creation of Empress, Nortek aims to improve the customer experience of HVAC. Find out how. 


Since our start, Nortek Global HVAC has been a company of problem solvers. We approach heating, ventilation and cooling not by looking at what’s been done but rather by what our customers need. Sometimes the answers are in the equipment itself but often the answers lie outside the box, literally.

You’ll find this fresh approach in how we make the equipment, how we do business and in how we support our customers – from purchase to install and for the life of the product and now in our latest e-commerce offering. We always endeavour to be the leaders in our field, embracing new ways of thinking, legislation and technologies, we live in a digital age and we want to provide digital HVAC solutions for our customers.

We at the forefront of innovation, consistently developing new products and solutions that provide more efficient ways of creating comfortable environments.

Our customers are at the core of our business along with R&D and product enhancement. 

We never sit back on our achievements and are constantly striving to improve our product offering which was the thought process behind our latest project Empress.  This allows us to anticipate our customers’ needs and deliver innovative solutions that exceed expectations and offer high value. 

Why was Empress created?

With all of this in mind we created Empress.  We wanted to provide our customers with the quickest and most efficient way of locating and purchasing their spare parts and in time, full heating systems.  After speaking to our customers we learnt that they didn’t want to wait to speak to a customer service agent and wanted a faster way to purchase than emailing a purchase order through to an email address.  Our team at Nortek decided that a new e-commerce system would tick all of these requirements.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do and we like to think that In Empress we have delivered the solution that was needed, we asked the questions, did the research in order to provide our customers with a platform that they required.

How does Empress compare to other industry e-commerce platforms?

It is difficult to compare Empress to anything else in the marketplace as there aren’t any HVAC manufacturers providing a similar platform in the UK.  Comparing it to other B2B e-commerce sites, Empress has been created with the intention that the full demographic of the HVAC marketplace can feel comfortable using.  We have already started to push the platform forward and you can now order some of our core range heater units from site too, as well as spare parts.

How has the customer journey been made easier?

 There’s nothing ‘flashy’ about what Empress does, it has been designed to give the customer what they want.  Our customers can now find that part they are looking for quickly and easily.  They can tell if the part they are looking for is in stock and if not they are given a timescale for how long they may have to wait to get it.  Customers can pay with their agreed discounts and credit terms so they don’t have to worry about credit cards if they are already a Nortek customer, making the process simple and straight forward.

Empress is easy to use, online and mobile responsive. The new platform enables customers to order spare parts for all Nortek branded products, past and present, including Reznor, AmbiRad, Airbloc, Benson and Nordair Niche brands. The site lists all of our spares in product groups giving you peace of mind that you are ordering the correct part and is open to all Nortek customers.

When placing an order on Empress it completely bypasses our office based teams.  As soon as you click the purchase button, the order lands in with our spares distribution centre or our factory floor.  This means that we can drive down or lead times to be industry leading.

Don’t just take our word for it, try it for yourself

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